Chimney Cleaning Cleaning

Chimney Cleaning in Anchorage Alaska

This winter will you be worried when you light your first fire? Chimneys should be cleaned every 4-5 years to avoid fire hazards!

Our Chimney Cleaning Processs

  1. First we use a commercial vacuum to hand detail the fireplace and remove ashes and debris.
  2. Next, the area around the fireplace is protected with special drop cloths to ensure that any debris does not fall on to your precious flooring or belongings.
  3. The opening of your fireplace is then sectioned off with an air tigh seal. This ensures that no ashes or dust escape as we clean the chimney ducting.
  4. We then connect our extremely powerful 10-inch wide vacuum hose to an opening in the airtight seal. This allows us to remove the debris through our hose and out to the truck-mounted vacuum. All without introducing any dust into your home!
  5. We will clean the chimney with a combination of rotary brushes, extendable rods, and air-washing tools which agitate and break loose the ash and creosote that has built up in the chimney flue.
  6. The result is a beautifully cleaned chimney with no mess! You can rest easy knowing we've virtually eliminated the chance of a chimney fire.

Boiler Cleaning

Boiler Cleaning in Anchorage Alaska

Dangerous Carbon Monoxide might be releasing into your home as you read this!

Dirty boilers can create flames that don't exhaust properly filling your home with Carbon Monoxide. Clean your boiler to make it run efficiently and avoid Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Just recently we spoke with a homeowner who faced a $5,000 replacement estimate for a "faulty" boiler.

After having Airtream to inspect and clean the boiler it worked perfectly and our happy client kept their $5,000 in the bank!

Our Boiler Cleaning Process

  1. First we thoroughly inspect your boiler to see if it is need of cleaning. After determining the cleaning needs we hand vacuum all accessible components.
  2. After hand vacuuming, we place our giant, truck-mounted vacuum hose on the top and bottom of your boiler to contain the dust and debris before we blast it loose.
  3. With the suction on, we use a variety of high-pressure air washing tools to thoroughly blast loose all soil build up that has adhered to the boiler pipes.
  4. Lastly, we inspect the boiler once more, button up the access covers and fire up your newly cleaned heating system!

You'll be happy you called Airstream - we guarantee it!

Don't take unnecessary risks. Let Airstream help improve the indoor air quality in your office. Let the phrase "Sick Building Syndrome" be a thing of the past.

Call 441-7825 TODAY for a free price quote!

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