Pictures Of Our Work!

PLEASE NOTE: Unlike many other websites, the pictures shown are actual jobs cleaned by Airstream Duct Cleaning.

The Inner-Workings of A Dusty Furnace
Furnace Furnace
The pictures above cleary show the amount of dust that can collect inside the furnace itself. The darker areas are where we have started to vacuum the dust away.

Fine Constuction Dust
Duct Cleaning Ductt Cleaning
Here you can see before and after the cleaning inside these residential ducts. This home was newly constructed at the time of cleaning and the dust you see was from construction alone. By the time most people get around to duct cleaning the collection of dust inside their ducting is usually much worse.

Shocking Findings
beer in ductwork
More than just occasionally we'll find "out of place" things like beer cans (pictured) and other items. At times we have found dead birds, baby lizards, rodents and other really gross stuff! As clean as you may keep your home, you never know what could be lurking in your ductwork!

Dryer Vents - FIRE HAZARDS
Fire Hazard  
Dryer Vent Cleaning in Anchorae Alaska
This dryer vent had enough collected enough lint to be a serious fire hazard. Fortunately for this homeowner they called us in time. The cleaned out, unobstructed line shown on the right not only eliminates possibilities of fires but also allows the dyer to operate more efficiently.

Piles of Lint!
Piles of Lint from inside a dryer vent
Lint removed from a dryer vent line! Dryers only filter about 75% of the lint that blows through the exhaust. The other 25% builds up inside your vent and when remained unchecked can cause fires!

Don't take unnecessary risks. Let Airstream help improve the quality of life in your home because you and your family deserve the very best.

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