Residential Air Duct Cleaning

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The heating system in your home acts like a lung breathing in air, filtering it (hopefully) and then dispensing it back out for you to breathe.

When the system becomes saturated with pollutants, either over time or from the initial construction of the home or renovations, the only way to get it clean again is to have a professional and experienced air-duct cleaner to do it.

Airstream Duct Cleaning has the experience, knowledge and the right tools to provide you with the most efficient and effective service methods...

Our Residential Duct Cleaning Process:

  1. We begin by meticulously vacuuming every heat register in your home - reaching as far into the ductwork as possible, and removing the larger, sometimes precious, items that may have fallen into the ductwork opening.
  2. Next, the return air vent covers and opening are addressed. These are the vents that draw air into your system and have usually collected quite a bit of dust. We vacuum the grills and openings of these registers as well.
  3. With all the preliminary hand vacuuming done, we begin the process of hooking up our giant, truck mounted, super-vacuum to the ducting at the heart of your system - your furnace.
  4. While our machine is providing massive suction, dust removal and air washing the begins. From each vent opening in the home, down every section of ductwork - every piece of ducting is air-washed removing debris and dust from the ducting walls.
  5. Next, with all the dust removed from ductwork, your furnace components are meticulously vacuumed removing dust build up from it's inner workings. The most important component - the furnace blower fan - is cleaned thoroughly which helps to prevent excess wear-and-tear on your system.
  6. Lastly, we button-up access hatches in the duct lines and test your furnace.

You'll be happy you called Airstream - we guarantee it!

Don't take unnecessary risks. Let Airstream help improve the quality of life in your home because you and your family deserve the very best.

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